Integrity is the foundation of our team and our advisors. Upon this foundation we find satisfaction in helping individuals, families and institutions make wise financial decisions. Our goal is to find like-minded financial advisors who enjoy the feel of a smaller family oriented group while being able to leverage the benefits of being associated with a large Broker Dealer and Custodian.

As fee compression and lower profit margins continue, we recognize the need for greater support for independent advisors. Today, Integrity Wealth Advisors is comprised of a network of advisors who can expect exemplary supervisory and compliance oversight, advocacy within the broker-dealer and custodians, and personal service from staff members who know their business intimately.

We can support all business models

No matter how you envision the future of your practice our comprehensive support and broad range of innovative business models can enable you to build and grow your business, your way.

Broker Dealer Advisor

Partner with a firm built on a legacy of putting advisors first, developing the solutions they need to run their businesses, and enabling the delivery of independent, objective advice.

Dedicated service teams comprised of multiple experts including financial planning, insurance services, retirement plan consulting, research, business succession planning, and much more.

Considering the structure of your practice LPL offers retention bonuses among the most attractive in the industry to help with the transition period.

Our broker dealer owns its own clearing firm making it easy to consolidate accounts and data into one place. It also brings costs down from an advisory platform standpoint.

Hybrid Advisor

More intimate service model, marketing and compliance assistance, potential for higher payouts, IWA serves as an advocate for you.

Easy to consolidate accounts and data into one place, if you have legacy business with on going trails you still have the ability service those clients through our broker dealer seamlessly.

Robust and comprehensive platform that has a strong brand. Low cost trading and platform fees with up to 200 ETF’s available to trade at no cost.

Fee-Only Advisor

Fee-only financial advisors have many benefits and are committed to providing top-tier service uncolored by financial commissions or biases.

Our broker dealer has a robust platform with a deep research team that provides High-quality, objective research and information to help you serve the needs of your clients. They provide impartial, conflict-free recommendations that you can confidently share with your clients.

For 25 years, Schwab Advisor Services has been helping independent advisors grow. With a proven track record as the leading custodian with 200 no trading costs EFT’s. Schwab is committed to helping advisors serve their clients, run their businesses and grow their firms.

No affiliation to a BD is not for everyone, but if you can, it eliminates cumbersome compliance and supervisory requirements, dramatically reduces costs for advisors and gives more freedom to grow, your way.

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