Own your own business, be your own boss, and create your own legacy to either pass down to the next generation through a transfer of ownership or eventually sell when you’re ready to retire.


You’ll have a wider selection of products and services available to offer your clients.


No longer are you tied to proprietary products, mismatched incentives or quotas. Going independent means having the freedom to choose how you want to invest for your clients based on their needs.


Run your business the way you want to. Do the investments yourself or outsource, choose your technology, and enjoy a flexible schedule. Being independent means you’re in charge, so you make the decisions.


Go Independant with Integrity Wealth Advisors!

Now, more than ever, financial advisors are choosing to move from the wirehouse firms to independent models. Many desire a wider selection of products and services to offer clients, as well as total control of their business.

Going independent with Integrity Wealth Advisors means you can set up your business in a way that makes sense for you and your clients. At IWA, you can be a fee-only advisor conducting only advisory business or you can be a hybrid advisor (where you do a combination of advisory and brokerage business), all from the same platform. This allows you to see all of your clients’ assets and properly plan for their financial future without the hassle of leveraging two different platforms to conduct your business.

Going independent with IWA also means that you will receive the services of a robust and dedicated transition team. This team, coupled with our FastTrack solution, has proven success in moving millions of dollars in 45 days or less – meaning you will be back in business quickly!


Leaving your existing broker-dealer is never an easy decision. We understand the complexities and the fears you might have when presented with the opportunity to move. That’s why Integrity Wealth Advisors has invested heavily in ensuring we help educate you as an advisor and master the transition of advisors from one broker-dealer to IWA.

We will typically start the conversation and the planning a few months in advance of your targeted transition date. During this time, we get to know you and your personal and practical styles. We want to understand what your goals are in your new environment. For example, do you want to work alone? Join another practice? Bring in a partner financial advisor? Share office space?


Integrity Wealth Advisors has built a Transition Team that is like no other. We have transitioned many successful financial advisors in a quick, efficient manner, allowing them to focus on communicating with their clients and grow their businesses. Our dedicated, passionate team is comprised of full-time, experienced individuals who are with you every single step of the way – from the first asset to the last security.

Simply put, our financial advisor transition experience will exceed your expectations.


in 60 days

90% in 60 Days!

That is our goal transition time!

We also get to understand your book of business. We look closely at the assets the you have and how they would map over. We show you exactly what the business will look like in the IWA world. We then create a customized plan that ensures the transition will be executed efficiently and accurately.


Service to us means responsiveness, accuracy and pleasantry.

Our goal is to provide independent financial advisors with the intimate, personal service they expect and deserve. Our team understands the importance of knowing your firm, your business and your staff members.

We have a direct relationship with LPL Financial. This relationship helps us to eliminate a lot of the common frustrations that many advisors have when they call into an 800 line and reach a different person with a different answer each time.

In addition our team at Integrity Wealth Advisors, from the CEO to the administrative personnel, are there to serve your needs regardless of what they are. Some of the common items we assist with include:

LPL Home Office

Navigating the LPL home office to determine the best department to work with on a unique situation

Clarity & Education

on complex investment products through direct relationships with sponsors

Peer-to-peer sharing

and introductions to financial advisors of similar size and business model


on the process of doing business either through IWA or LPL

Business Growth

Marketing, business growth, and efficiency guidance from industry leaders


Access to an attorney to provide guidance on certain legal questions

We are small enough to provide you with white-glove service and large enough to provide you with the scale you need. When you join Integrity Wealth Advisors, you have the comfort of knowing that exceptional service is always just a phone call away.



With heightened regulations and increased scrutiny of the financial services industry, compliance supervision and risk management is a mandatory component of running your own independent financial advisory practice today. Both the SEC and FINRA have their sights on financial advisors for a variety of practices that may not cross your mind. They are looking at everything from documentation and process around specific products to the methodology you are using for choosing asset managers.

In addition, there is a heightened emphasis around rollover accounts and hidden fees. Instead of spending your valuable time trying to self-supervise and paying the expensive fees associated with doing so, let the experts at Integrity Wealth Advisors do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know!


Our extensive team of full-time Series 24 registered staff members are experienced, efficient and friendly — making this the greatest outsourced resource for your firm. They are up to date with all the regulation and compliance updates and have regular training on any new guidance that is released from the regulators.

In addition, this team’s longevity with the firm ensures they know the processes, procedures, platform, and the products to assist you in every aspect of your business. The confidence they instill in our advisors allows advisors to focus on other areas of their business.


It is never too early to start thinking about how to plan for the future of your advisory business. In fact, you should start planning now if you haven’t already. It’s not only the future of your clients that is at stake; it’s yours. You’ve put a lot of effort into building your business and you’ve invested your life into it. Just as you encourage your clients to plan for the future, you must also be prepared.

As a financial advisor, you have two choices when it comes to the future of your business. You can choose to sell your practice or you can choose to cultivate an internal candidate within your team who may be able to take over your business one day. Many financial advisors choose the latter option – and developing new leaderships for your firm takes time. Whatever your succession plan may be, get started now for the best outcome.


Whether you want to cultivate the next generation of independent advisor to eventually be the successor of your business or if you’d like to sell your business, Integrity Wealth Advisors can help.

  • What kind of lifestyle do you see for yourself in retirement?

  • Do you plan on selling your business? Have you identified a potential leader?

  • How will you ensure the best interests of your clients?


Integrity Wealth Advisors recognizes that many of the independent advisors in our network do not have an exit strategy for their business. To this end, we help in a few ways. We provide our advisors with access to business valuation software through one of our Strategic Partners. This software will lead them through a series of online questions and then provide them with a detailed report outlining what the value of their practice is today and what they need to do in order to drive the value of their practice up for tomorrow. The output delivers actionable items and levers the advisor may do today to assist in getting the most out of their business when it is time to sell.


LPL Financial was founded with a pioneering vision: to help entrepreneurial financial advisors establish successful businesses through which they could offer truly independent financial guidance and advice. Integrity Wealth Advisors is an RIA on the LPL platform. LPL Financial provides Integrity Wealth Advisors firm with an integrated platform of cutting edge technology, brokerage and investment advisory services.

Our advisors use the LPL operating system to perform their daily functions of investing for their clients, trading and clearing services and practice management support. Being the largest broker-dealer allows LPL to consistently invest in these services and solutions for their advisors. And the fact they only service independent financial advisors means they are maniacally focused on evolving this business with no conflicts of interest from either asset management solutions or investment banking functions.

LPL Financial is the industry’s largest independent broker-dealer, servicing over 14,000 financial advisors.*

*As reported in Financial Planning magazine, 1996-2014, based on total revenues.



Independent Financial Advisors who work with Integrity Wealth Advisors have the freedom to decide where they want their clients’ assets to be held.  Our independent advisors enjoy the benefit of choice. Custodians we have relationships with include:

Charles Schwab Advisor Services

LPL Financial



When you’re ready to take the next step and grow your independent financial advisor firm, IWA has all the tools you need.

Independent financial advisors often struggle with growing their practice. Marketing is not a natural talent, and they are busy running their business. We recognize that just like each advisor is different, their growth strategy might be equally as different. Some advisors are content being a solo practitioner while others desire to build an ensemble practice, while others yet are looking to add more advisors to their practice to build a very large organization.

Whether they desire to grow their financial advisor firm organically through adding assets from existing clients, or inorganically, by recruiting new advisors to their practice or buying another advisor’s firm, Integrity Wealth Advisors can help steer the way.


By leveraging the deep resources available to our advisors through LPL Financial, advisors have access to a host of tools like whitepapers, guidebooks, webcasts, in person events and turn-key marketing programs through a state of the art on-demand solution. These tools can educate advisors on the ways with which they can grow and provide the materials needed to execute a plan.

In addition to the resources available to our advisors through the broker-dealer, the relationships we have with our Strategic Partners has proven to be successful in this effort as well. Many of the asset management firms we work closely with have strategic coaches and programs readily available to advisors that can assist them with their growth initiatives.

In response to demand by our existing advisors for help in this area, Integrity Wealth Advisors has developed its own turn-key acquisition program designed specifically for advisors seeking to purchase another practice. A combination of ready-made postcards, emails, and website pages have been designed allowing our financial advisors to target market to local advisors.